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Horn Island is waiting for you to discover her. A 1.5 hour tour of Horn Island, known as Nguruapai, is conducted in our air conditioned bus. On this tour you will experience the beautiful Torres Strait, specifically Horn Island. Join your guide and walk in the steps of those who served on the island during WW2, both American and Australian. Learn of the hardship involved in the development and maintenance of Horn Island as an advanced operational airbase. Some of the sites visited include a World War Two plane relic, slit trenches, taxiways, a 3.7 inch gun site and an underground command post.

The tour is conducted in a small group so that you may better interact with your guide.

Revel in the stories of men and women who served on this remote island during the war. These stories have been told to the guide by the many veterans who have had great input into the tour regarding their experiences so that you may gain a more personal knowledge of the difficult conditions suffered by the servicemen and women here, including the Japanese air raids.

As well as the historical side the tour also takes in the scenic sites of Horn Island including King Point, which offers views of outer islands. An introduction is also provided regarding the Kaurareg People, the traditional owners of Horn Island.

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Your Horn Island experience is completed by a visit to the privately owned and funded Torres Strait Heritage Museum. This is the largest collection of Torres Strait artefacts in Torres Strait and provides a personal side to history of the area.

Following your tour and museum visit, a sumptuous buffet lunch of Asian, Torres Strait and seafood dishes await you. Feel free to enjoy more time in the museum after your lunch, or browse the souvenirs before departing our island home.

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