Welcome to exotic Thursday Island. Accompany us as we explore this little known and fascinating Island. Little known because of her ideal location in the Torres Strait, Far North Queensland. Fascinating because one can stand and peer through the veil of time along streets where little has changed in the past 100 years. We concentrate on small group numbers so that you, the visitor, may have a more personal interaction with your guide.

Let your leader, a member of a fifth generation family lead you on an historical and cultural experience that is surpassed by none other. The tour is a dynamic blend of accurate historical detail and actual personal accounts retold by the guides. Visit sites from the highest point of Thursday Island to an underground fort complex on Green Hill.

Stand in quiet contemplation beside the resting places of people who gave their lives for the early growing pearling industry before the Second World War in the Torres Strait. Discover the vital importance of the pearling industry to the area. Hear the stories and walk in the steps of those young men who were sent to the area in 1940 in a bid to provide some defence against enemy forces. Learn how Thursday Island is embracing the future with itís wind turbines providing some of the electricity on the island, and marvel at the T.I. mystery ≠ why did Europeans settle on this small Island?

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Sites visited include the Thursday Island Cemetary, Green Hill Fort and Museum, Customs House, Old Yokohama, the Quetta Memorial Cathedral and the oldest church on the island, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

So come with us as we encourage you to discover Thursday Island from her scenic beauty and dynamic people to her bountiful history.

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