Welcome to Horn Island in Torres Strait. This island is waiting for you to explore her natural beauty and her hidden stories. The island is 53km2 with a population of 650, and is a relaxing 15 min ferry ride away from Thursday Island. Horn Island has all the atmosphere of an outer island village, whilst enjoying many and varied modern facilities.

Matthew Flinders gave the island its European name in 1802, when he approached the island in his ship the 'Investigator' and spied Horn Hill, 120m above sea level. He gave the hill and the island its name based on the geographic shape of the hill. The Kaurareg are the traditional owners of the island, and call their island home, Nguruapai.

Gold was discovered on Horn Island in 1894 by John Smyth and party. In the next 20 years, 6,000 ounces of gold was discovered, till the gold became harder to extract, and the old miners moved on. An open cut gold mine was established in 1988, however closed after two years.
World War Two had a large impact on the island, as the closest advanced operational airbase to New Guinea was built here in 1940. Approx 5000 servicemen / women served on the island between 1940-1945. The Japanese bombed the island eight times and flew constant surveillance missions over the area.

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Following the war, the Kaurareg established Wasaga village along the shoreline with views of Thursday Island. The majority of the population of 650 live in this village area today. Horn Island is also home to the central domestic airport for Torres Strait, with connecting flights to all outer islands. The water supply for Horn, Thursday and Hammond Islands is supplied by the Loggy Creek dam on the island with water piped via an undersea pipeline.

We invite you to stay a few days and experience the Torres Strait, from Horn and neighbouring Thursday Island to the outer islands of Torres Strait, all easily accessible from the Gateway Torres Strait Resort.

Horn Island :In Their Steps 1939-45 "Click here"
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