Situated in the grounds of the Gateway Torres Strait Resort is the privately owned and funded Torres Strait Heritage Museum and Art Gallery, which houses over 400 veteran's photo's with maps, diagrams, sketching, personal items, diaries and articles of the wartime.

Other displays include the Torres Strait pearl diving era, an industry upon which the Torres Strait once based it's economy. Examine cultured and genuine pearls, model pearl luggers and original diving helmets. Balancing the museum are displays of the Torres Strait People's history, including indigenous art, artefacts, culture, religion, myths and legends.

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The Museum is in perfect accompaniment to the 'Forgotten Isle tour' of Horn Island, providing a personal view of the sites seen on the tour. The museum is also a wonderful stand alone exhibit, with many people locating their relatives on the walls of the displays. The curator will assist people in the location of information pertinent to their relatives military history, in Torres Strait or elsewhere.

Available for viewing is a collection of historical films, depicting subjects such as the pearling industry, World War Two and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Free unlimited entry when staying at the Gateway Torres Strait Resort.

Horn Island :In Their Steps 1939-45 "Click here"
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